Philippe Chow Shares The Secret To Mr. Chow's Iconic Chicken Satay

Chef Philippe Chow is renowned for his iconic chicken satay skewers, which are drenched in a unique peanut sauce. The inspiration behind the dish comes from his travels throughout Southeast Asia and his love for unique flavors. Chow's secret to making his chicken satay stand out is meticulous attention to detail in marination and crafting the peanut sauce. He marinates the chicken in a blend of coriander, lemongrass, and turmeric for 24 hours. In cooking the chicken, the key is to find the right temperature to ensure it is evenly cooked, charred on the outside, while still moist and flavorful on the inside. Philippe Chow's three tips for making delicious chicken satay include giving the chicken ample time to marinate, ensuring even skewering, and creating a well-balanced peanut sauce. He also shares tips for cooking with chicken in general, including wet brining, controlling the heat, and allowing the chicken to rest after cooking. Lastly, Chow recommends pairing his chicken satay with a glass of fruity Riesling to complement the dish's flavors. If you want to try Philippe Chow's chicken satay, you can visit his restaurants or have it shipped to your home.