10 Best House of The Dragon Quotes About Love and Marriage

After , fans were instantly hooked on its prequel, . The show followed the journey of House Targaryen 172 years before the events of , including their political alliances and especially the civil war between the Greens and Blacks. Marriage and love, however, formed the core of .

Viserys' choice to marry Alicent Hightower and Daemon's attraction to Rhaenyra instigated most of the events that shaped the Dance of the Dragons. Every character's ideas of marital unions and love were vastly different from each other, giving rise to insightful and memorable quotes that offered a look into their minds.

10 "I loved her. She made a man of me." - Viserys Targaryen

Viserys Targaryen had found his soulmate in Aemma, but their duty to the Iron Throne ended in tragedy for the couple. The desire for a male heir made Viserys choose the baby over Aemma's life, and then he suffered for his choices when both mother and child passed away. He rued her absence throughout

In a world where marriage was treated like a transaction, it wasn't often that a love match was found between Kings and Queens. Aemma was Viserys' soulmate, but his love faltered when it came to growing the Targaryen line. His words seemed hollow in that context.

9 "We do not rule..." - Alicent Hightower

Marriage may have gotten Alicent Hightower the title of Queen, but she asserted no power, at least not at the beginning. She had dedicated her entire life to serving men because Otto hadn't given her much free will since she was young. Alicent had learned to get her way by advising the men she was attached to quietly while they did the ruling.

Alicent was , but she did quite a stellar job with the circumstances she was faced with. Through Viserys and then through her children, she managed to gain power and take better stock of her situation, which was the essence of her conversation with Rhaenys.

8 "For men marriage might be a political arrangement..." - Rhaenyra Targaryen

Wise for her years, Rhaenyra keenly observed how different nuptials were for both sexes in Westeros. For men, it was all about gaining control and lapping up more power. They used the institution as a political means to strengthen their position with heirs.

Women, however, barely got any of these benefits. They were baby-making machines who were supposed to further the line, even if it meant that their lives were destroyed. Rhaenyra disliked how disposable women were in a marriage and thus condemned the whole system.

7 "You cannot live your life in fear..." - Daemon Targaryen

Young Rhaenyra was totally opposed to marriage. She had seen her mother be sacrificed for an heir and her friend Alicent become a pawn in the political game. Daemon sought to change her mind about the institution, especially the joyous parts of it.

Daemon urged Rhaenyra to make her choices in a way that reflected her hopes, not her fears. She did not know what marriage entailed before she rejected the idea. if only one gave it a chance.

6 "...A marriage for love, not for the crown." - Criston Cole

Ser Criston Cole and Rhaenyra developed an intimate relationship, and Cole was intent on making a long-term commitment to the future Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. He proposed, rather naively, that they run away to Essos, where they could lead an idyllic married life of love and frolicking away from the expectations of the throne.

What Criston didn't realize was that as critical as Rhaenyra was of the politics of monarchy, she took her position seriously. She was never going to abandon her duty and run away with Criston, who had obviously misunderstood their relationship. It was a rare glimpse of real hope in , but it was quashed quickly.

5 "A marriage is a duty, yes..." - Daemon Targaryen

Not one for laws or conventions, Daemon often did as he pleased. His views on his conduct after being wed to someone were also rather unconventional, as fidelity itself was a malleable concept for him. While he was married to Rhea Royce, Daemon openly pursued Rhaenyra, his niece, and told her that marriage did not mean that he couldn't derive pleasure from elsewhere.

For many men in Westeros, marriage did not guarantee faithfulness. Just like Daemon, they treated it as just an alliance that had nothing to do with feelings.

4 "It is rare for girls in this realm to get a choice between two suitors..." - Alicent Hightower

Rhaenyra and Alicent's outlooks on marriage and love were vastly different, which was clear from their conversations in their youth. Rhaenyra was given choices when it came to her nuptials, something that Alicent had never had the privilege of getting in her life. She followed her father's instructions and accepted her fate.

This was the case with most other young women in the Seven Kingdoms, who were told whom to marry, not asked. Rhaenyra had the luxury of choice when it came to her impending nuptials, which Alicent felt bitterly about. Her words did reflect the truth, though.

3 "...But you and I are made of fire." - Rhaenyra Targaryen

There was no doubt that Daemon and Rhaenyra shared a special bond, even if it was frowned upon by other families in the Seven Kingdoms. Years after staying away from each other and even marrying others, they were drawn together. In her missive, Rhaenyra came up with all sorts of strategic reasons that she and Daemon should marry, but the underlying reason was clear — love.

They were indeed made of dragon fire and courage, twin flames who could only survive with each other. Their union made them more powerful in the monarchy, as well as in their hearts and souls. Daemon cared for as if they were his own.

2 "Our love does not know titles and traditions." - Daemon Targaryen

Early on in , Daemon steals Baby Baelon's egg and takes off with Mysaria, whom he intends to make his bride. In signature fashion, little about his decision made sense because he was already attached to Rhea. Moreover, Mysaria was not a woman of any breeding or titles, which made their union unworthy.

Daemon gave a rather impassioned speech where he said that he had feelings for Mysaria, which could not be contained within traditions. There was no way to tell whether that was true or if Daemon was just trying to kick up a fuss. The sentiment, however, was very characteristic of him.

1 "Give me Rhaenyra..." Daemon Targaryen

Targaryen customs were distinct from other houses, and the marriage of brothers, sisters, and uncles was common practice. The Targaryens had a habit of keeping their power within their own, which was what Daemon spoke of when he begged Viserys to marry him and Rhaenyra.

As Viserys raged about Daemon defiling his daughter, the latter essentially proclaimed his love for Rhaenyra. He did not care what people thought of her and who rejected her — Daemon was ready to marry her as per the traditions of House Targaryen. In all his machinations, this one seemed genuine.

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