Tenth House D-10 | Astrological Chart


The article discusses the importance of the Dasamsa D-10 divisional chart in Vedic astrology. The Dasamsa chart, also known as the D-10 chart, is one of the main divisional charts used in analyzing a person's career and professional life. It is believed to provide detailed insights into a person's success, reputation, and standing in society.

The article explains that the Dasamsa chart is created by dividing each sign of the zodiac into 10 equal parts, with each part representing a specific aspect of a person's career. By examining the planets and their placements in the Dasamsa chart, astrologers can make predictions about a person's career path, potential for success, and areas of strength and weakness.

Overall, the Dasamsa D-10 divisional chart is considered a valuable tool in Vedic astrology for gaining a deeper understanding of a person's professional life. It is used to provide insights and guidance on career choices, job opportunities, and overall success in the workplace.