SWITCHING GEARS Ice-T reveals new gig away from Law and Order: SVU after sparking concern star’s leaving long-running show


LAW and Order: SVU star Ice-T has announced a new project outside of his work on the long-running drama.

The 64-year-old, who recently sparked concern over the possibility he’s leaving SVU, has revealed a brand-new podcast, titled Ice-T’s Daily Game.

The actor announced the start of his new podcast to fans on Monday, posting podcast imagery, as well as a bit about what they can expect to hear.

Ice-T wrote: “ATTENTION @icetsdailygame is now live.

“Listen to me break down inspirational quotes every weekday on my new podcast Ice-T’s Daily Game on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.”


Speaking with Entertainment Tonight about the new gig, the host shared: “Every day I give out something called an ice-cold fact or a daily game.

“And it’s just things that I’ve learned or quotes that I use from my life. A lot of them come from me, a lot of them come from other people I respect.

“I recorded 200 of them and they’ll come on every day. And hopefully this inspires people and motivates people.

“I think we all need motivation and we all need some of the keys that some successful people use to win.”

Ice-T’s latest venture arrives just a few weeks after the star accidentally sparked rumors that he was leaving SVU.


The longtime Law and Order star shared behind-the-scenes content on social media from the set of the drama, but his posts were taken the wrong way.

Fans began worrying that he might be saying goodbye to the series after he posted a video of himself inside a car as cameras and TV magic worked around him.

It was the caption that had followers starting to get concerned.

Ice-T wrote alongside the video: “SVU behind the scenes from Friday night. Filming my character FIN’s episode #SVUSeason24”

Confused fans, perhaps reading the note too quickly, started to wonder if he’s leaving the show and currently filming his last episode.


One upset social media user wrote: “What?!?!?! Noooooooo!”

Another asked: “You leaving SVU? If so, what a run.”

A third fan begged: “Ice, please tell me you mean your character ‘fin”’ and not fin as in final episode.”

“I hope you not leaving,” a fourth simply wrote.

SVU fans don’t have anything to worry about, though, as many helpful people pointed out to the concerned parties that Ice-T’s character simply has the nickname of Fin.

They explained that, in this circumstance, the actor didn’t seem to be using the term fin to note his final episode on the show was in the works, but rather that he was working on a centric episode.


One fan pointed out: “Guys fin is the nickname for his character Odafin Tutuola he’s not leaving the show”

Another said: “He’s NOT leaving the show. The ‘Fin’ episode he’s referring to is an episode focusing on his character, Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola.”

Fans are now about to get to see the big episode, which is centered all around Ice-T’s character, on Thursday, February 16, which is also the star’s birthday in real life.