For a while, was known as that goofy sitcom starring that often had some jokes that some would call inappropriate. Several seasons in, however, Sheen's offscreen antics became impossible to ignore. .

Even though Sheen's dramatic personal life overshadowed the fictional plotlines on Two and a Half Men at times, fans still love many of the characters. One of the most hilarious characters was Judith Harper-Melnick. Marin Hinkle played this character in 65 episodes of Two and a Half Men.

Here's what she thought of Charlie Sheen while she filmed the popular sitcom.

Did Two And A Half Men Co-Stars Marin Hinkle And Charlie Sheen Get Along?

Given Charlie Sheen's reputation, it seems possible that some of his Two and a Half Men co-stars might have had a hard time working with him. Since Marin Hinkle played Jon Cryer's character Alan Harper's former wife from seasons 1 to 9, the majority of her scenes saw her interacting with Cryer.


But since was still, of course, on the same TV set as Sheen, who played the main character from season 1 to his departure after season 8.

Whenever she talks about Two and a Half Men, Marin Hinkle has never shared anything negative about Charlie Sheen. She hasn't said that he made life on set difficult or that his offscreen life ruined her acting experience.

Hinkle hasn't really said much about Sheen in general.