Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson Get Inspired by Mike Tyson’s Philosophy That Made Him a Boxing Legend

has some insight on how the legendary Mike Tyson became who he is today. As usual, Rogan brings out interesting conversations and anecdotes on a new episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. This time, he had Dwayne ‘‘ Johnson on as his guest.

The two went on a whole quest of discussing how living in alignment with one’s career is an approach to a fulfilling life, especially in the battle sports realm. Rogan has his own extensive MMA background while Johnson is the world-famous WWE star. So how does fit into the conversation? Here’s all you need to know.

Joe Rogan on Mike Tyson’s principles that formed him

Tyson’s will of iron is widely known and celebrated. He’s not called the Baddest Man on The Planet for no reason. With a massive career and incredible knockouts, Tyson was the most fearsome of his time and perhaps still is. So it’s only natural for Rogan to bring him up while discussing life and sport.

Rogan and Johnson were talking about how being enthusiastic about things can really affect the way you see everything. And they were right about it too. Regardless, how does it tie into the art of discipline? That’s when Rogan brought up a phrase that he claimed was used by Tyson himself.

Rogan said. 

Rogan is not wrong. It takes a lot of discipline to get even anywhere close to Tyson’s level. The man has torn down opponents one after the other like it was a cakewalk. It’s only natural that his training was like that of a monster. Still, Tyson served as an inspiration to many, and this wasn’t the only inspiring story they discussed on the podcast.

Rogan and Rock discuss being present in the moment

‘The Rock’ would go on to discuss gratitude and being present in the moment. In fact, everyone has a big goal that they want to grind towards. However, according to Johnson, just looking at his wasn’t going to make him happy enough. It was when he was truly enjoying what he was doing that it made no sense.

said Johnson talking about his professional life. Clearly, both men have experienced life firsthand and have a sea of knowledge that they let trickle through to the audience of the podcast. Who do you think should be Rogan’s next exciting guest?

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