“I’m Calling Cap On Shaquille O’Neal”: Gilbert Arenas Doesn’t Trust Shaq Following His Comments On Stephen Curry


Shaquille O’Neal continues to vouch for Stephen Curry

During the Inside the NBA segment discussing the Warriors and Celtics’ overtime thriller, O’Neal reiterated that Curry is his favourite player to watch. The Lakers icon first claimed that he loved two-time NBA MVP back in 2018. Shaq also mentioned that in Curry’s initial days people found his plays ‘lucky’, but the fact that he has continued doing the same even after 2-3 championships is what sets him apart.

“I don’t know if he knows this, but he’s my favorite player to watch right now….He’s really a great player. I love watching him. If I was a fan and I had to pay to watch somebody–of course it’s LeBron and those guys–but I’d definitely go to Golden State and watch him play.


Curry has since added four All-Star nods, four All-NBA selections, one All-Star game MVP award, one NBA Finals MVP award, and a fourth NBA championship to his incredible resume. Interestingly, after adding the 4x NBA trophy and his first NBA Finals MVP trophy to his collection, the Warriors superstar hasn’t shied away from calling himself the best point guard in NBA history. , he answered:

“Yes. It’s me and Magic [Johnson]. That’s the conversation.”

Curry acknowledged that ‘s resume is impeccable but noted that he’s still adding more accolades to his, and he wouldn’t shy away from calling himself the best point guard ever. It’s hard to counter Curry’s argument as he is one of, if not the most accomplished point guard in NBA history.