Shaquille O’Neal Unleashes Fury on Charles Barkley Over Ugly Draymond Green Saga: “”I Will Elbow You Till Your..”


The NBA has already been wildly dramatic to start the year. Whether it be Giannis Antetokounmpo and his game ball or historic losing streaks, there is something new in the NBA every day. However, nothing was quite as shocking as Draymond Green getting suspended twice in the span of a few weeks. While the first led to widespread outcry, the second instance was even worse. 

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According to him, the behavior the 4x champ displays on the court is a persona. “Everyone has to have a certain character on the court. My character, Ernie, I will elbow you till your damn teeth come off…I was mean on the court, but off the court, I’m a different person.


So, listen, he does a lot of things that are crazy on the court.”

But that is all part of the “character”, as the Los Angeles Lakers legend calls it. “Don’t put the man in no, he needs counseling. Nothing wrong with Draymond.” His argument’s basis was the changing narrative around the Golden State Warriors superstar. “4-5 years ago, you were saying he’s a great Power Forward. Kenny, he don’t need the double. He’s undersized, but he’s tough.” While he was willing to admit Draymond’s mistake on that particular move, the overall narrative was not okay for Shaq.

Going against Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley is harsh in critiquing Draymond

Chuckster wasn’t about to get into a long-winded debate.


He would pose a simple question to his co-host. “You think punching a guy in the face is part of the game?” When Diesel would point to the both of them also engaging in similar behavior, the Philadelphia 76ers legend had an immediate response. “I didn’t punch nobody in the face. And I didn’t choke anybody.”