Sophie Turner Proudly Displays 'GoT' Ink and Raves About 'Stranger Things' as Ultimate Fan

Sophie Turner, widely known for her role as Sansa Stark in the hit series Game of Thrones, recently showed off her new tattoo inspired by the show. The actress proudly flaunted her ink as she expressed her excitement for another popular series, Stranger Things.

Turner, who plays Jean Grey in the X-Men films, took to Instagram to share a photo of her forearm tattoo featuring the words "The pack survives" in delicate lettering. This phrase became a significant motto for the Stark family in Game of Thrones, symbolizing their unity and resilience. The tattoo is a permanent reminder for Turner of her time on the show and the lifelong bonds she formed with her castmates.

In addition to her Game of Thrones tribute, Turner also revealed her obsession with the Netflix series Stranger Things. During an interview with Elle magazine, the actress gushed about the show, calling it "brilliant." Turner explained how she binge-watched the entire series in just two days and couldn't contain her excitement for the upcoming third season. She expressed her admiration for the talented young cast of Stranger Things, stating that their performances blew her away.

The actress also discussed her experience working with the young actors of Game of Thrones, particularly Maisie Williams, who played her on-screen sister, Arya Stark. Turner highlighted the importance of creating a strong connection between the characters in order to portray the deep bond shared by the Stark sisters. She praised Williams for being her closest friend on set and lauded her incredible talent.

Furthermore, Turner shared her thoughts on the ending of Game of Thrones, expressing her sadness that the beloved series is coming to an end after eight seasons. She acknowledged that it had been a significant part of her life for ten years and admitted to feeling emotional about saying goodbye to the character of Sansa Stark. However, Turner expressed her excitement for upcoming projects and hinted at new opportunities that she is currently exploring.

In conclusion, Sophie Turner proudly displayed her Game of Thrones tattoo as a tribute to the show and the bonds she formed with her castmates. She also shared her enthusiasm for the series Stranger Things, admiring the young actors for their exceptional performances. While she is saddened by the ending of Game of Thrones, Turner is excited for what the future holds in her acting career.