A Vampire's Tale: Lucy's Journal: A Desperate Plea for Help (Netflix)


In an urgent post on the blog of the popular TV show True Blood, character Jessica Hamby delivers a message to her fellow vampires. She warns them about the potential dangers of the upcoming Hep V crisis, urging her kind to stay alert and take necessary precautions.

Jessica begins the post by acknowledging the rumors circulating about the Hep V epidemic, which she confirms are indeed true. She reassures her audience that she is not one to spread panic, but she calls for vampires to be proactive in order to protect themselves.

The urgency of her message is evident as she emphasizes the importance of staying informed about the dangers of Hep V and the symptoms associated with it. Jessica reveals that the virus is highly contagious and can easily be transmitted through blood, making all vampires vulnerable.


To tackle this crisis, Jessica proposes a three-step action plan: First, vampires should prioritize their safety by protecting themselves and their nests. Second, they should educate themselves about the symptoms and preventive measures of Hep V. Finally, they must come together as a community, offering support, information, and resources to one another.

Jessica ends her blog post with a heartfelt plea to her fellow vampires, expressing her love and concern for them. She encourages them to spread the word about the Hep V crisis and emphasizes the importance of unity in facing this threat.

In conclusion, Jessica's urgent message serves as a wake-up call to all vampires, reminding them of the impending dangers of Hep V and urging them to take immediate action to protect themselves and their community.