Selena Gomez speaks out after Hailey Baldwin interview about 'stealing' Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been married for four years, but has once again sparked rumours she came between the former and Selena Gomez.

Baldwin says she began her romance with Bieber after he had already parted ways with Gomez, though the fact the duo got married just months later sparked rumours of infidelity.

Gomez has quickly moved to silence those rumours, stating Baldwin shouldn't be criticised.

"It's not fair because no one should ever be spoken to in the manner that I've seen," said Gomez.

"If you support Rare [Beauty], I cannot thank you enough, but know that you are also representing what it means, and that is: Words matter, truly matter."

Baldwin and Gomez on speaking terms

Baldwin says she has spoken with Gomez since the marriage, and that there is no bad blood between the two.

"It's all respect. It's all love," she said. "She doesn't owe me anything.

"Neither of us owe anybody anything except respect. I respect her a lot, and I think there are no expectations [between us]. I respect her."