Billie Eilish Revealed Her Sternum Tattoo — and It Doesn't Look the Way I Expected

“Happier Than Ever” singer has always been intentional about which parts of her body she shows and which she covers, including her three tattoos. The fairies on her wrist are fairly visible, but she didn't give fans a proper look at the until last month. Thanks to an interview, we've known about her third tat — “Eilish” on her sternum — for a while, but this mysterious ink has never been seen by the public… until now!

Eilish casually posed in a string bikini with her friend Annabel Zimmer (yep, daughter of Hans), who snapped a pic and uploaded it to Instagram smack dab in the middle of a carousel of her recent adventures. And in the shot, you can see the tattoo right between her ribs. It… doesn't look the way I expected it to look! The stylized design doesn't clearly say "Eilish," though in retrospect it was probably silly to picture the word chilling on her body. Still, I couldn't quite figure out the lettering and, frankly, felt a little awkward spending so much time zooming in on her body. If you all promise to be COOL, you can see for yourselves here, on the fourth slide:

The singer dropped a see-no-evil monkey emoji in the comments. Sorry, but we are looking!

In addition to soaking up the sun (! Please! You are so pale!), Eilish recently kicked off her actor era with a small but pivotal role on the Amazon series , starring Dominique Fishback as an obsessed music fan and Eilish as the cult-y guru who takes her in. Fans praised her performance online, with one , “i already knew chloe could act because she’s a vet, but billie shocked me she was really in it.” Of course, she was! That's our girl!

Now, some makeup products to simplify your routine:

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