Chris Evans Returns to Instagram to Spotlight Shelter Dogs in Need of Homes: 'Just Like My Dog, Dodger'


Chris Evans, the 42-year-old star of The Avengers, has returned to Instagram and has brought along some adorable four-legged friends with him.

After a hiatus of six months, Evans posted a video from a New York City-based animal shelter called Animal Haven, showcasing the many pets waiting to be adopted at the center.

“Hi everyone! I’m back :),” Evans wrote alongside his Reel. “I’m thankful for a LOT of things this year, but dogs are always high on the list.”

In the video, the Ghosted actor explained, “There are literally thousands of dogs waiting to be adopted all across the country.


Just like my dog, Dodger.”

With the support of dog food brand Jinx, Evans shared snacks with the dogs and announced an exciting initiative. “Any of the dogs that we met today that get adopted, Jinx is gonna donate a year’s worth of dog food,” said Evans, who is an investor and spokesperson for the company.

In his post, Evans confirmed that some dogs were already adopted and expressed his happiness: “So glad to hear that these dogs got adopted, and that we were able to set them up with a year’s worth of @thinkjinx food and treats,” he wrote, ending with a holiday wish, “Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”