“Will Smith Syndrome”: Shaquille O’Neal’s Violent New Year Wish for Charles Barkley Leaves Fans in Splits!


The world is in a festive mood, celebrating the arrival of the new year with joy and leisure. But while most people are simply having fun, there is one celebrity who is already rolling out his plans. That celebrity is none other than Shaquille O’Neal, and his first order of business involves something quite violent – his victim being his good friend Charles Barkley.

Shaquille O’Neal, also known as the Big Man, took to Instagram and posted a clip of a man getting slapped. Along with the clip, he left a message specifically for Charles. The caption read, “this how I’m a do charles barkley in 2024.


” Now, of course, Shaq immediately clarified that it was all meant in good fun and as a joke. He even added in the next sentence, “These are just jokes let’s love each other in 2024”. But as often happens in such cases, fans completely bypassed the second part of the message and focused entirely on the violent clip and those first few words.

Fans quickly flooded the comment section with all sorts of reactions. They saw someone dishing out a powerful slap and believed that Shaq was implying that he would do the same to Charles in the new year. But here's the thing – this is not the first time that Shaq and Charles have made these kinds of suggestions to each other, and it certainly won't be the last.


Their entire relationship is built upon their goofy and playful banter, including casual smacks and name-calling. It's all in good fun and doesn't cause any harm.

Fans couldn't help but draw a comparison between Shaq's behavior and that of Will Smith. They recalled a moment at the 2022 Oscars when Will Smith was offended by a joke made by Chris Rock. While the comparison may be slightly twisted, it led to some hilarious reactions in the comment section.

One fan commented, “Unc go to sleep 😂”, as it was clear that Shaq's thoughts were becoming more violent by the minute.


Another fan joked that such actions would constitute HR violations, suggesting that someone would have to run to Ernie Johnson, the balancing factor of the show, who could play the role of an HR representative in Shaq and Chuck's case.

Shaq is known for his pranks and social media posts, and fans absolutely adore him for it. One fan even wrote, “i love you shaq never change big fella 😂”. Another fan brought up the idea of a food war, saying, “This shaq to chuck when he gets the last doughnut on set”. And of course, the mention of the "Will Smith Syndrome" was made by a popular realtor, Ali Alasgar Farhadov.

So, Shaq's new year is off to a flying start with yet another viral social media post. Let's hope that the slap remains within the virtual world, and Charles doesn't actually become a victim of it. After all, it's all just in the name of good fun between two close friends who like to keep each other on their toes.