Billie Eilish Dyed the Roots of Her Hair Bright Cherry Red — See Photo

switched up her hair again. This time it’s a remix of one of her most iconic looks. Experimenting with is a regular thing for Billie so fans never quite know what she’ll come up with next. Her new look, however, is familiar with a touch of to it. “Remember me?” the singer captioned an photo showing off midnight black hair with cherry red roots. Billie’s latest style pays homage to the slime green roots that she rocked until the end of 2020 and became known for.

Billie is not only self-referencing one of her former hairstyles, but also one of her old . Back in 2019, she posted a similar picture captioned, “what do you want from me.” She wore tousled buns with some futuristic neon green vizors in the same shade as her famed roots. In her 2023 Instagram post, Billie sported some full bangs, messy space buns and some black frames with red lenses to match her hair. 

Billie clearly has a thing for a curated aesthetic and she keeps it consistent. In her 2019 selfie, she wore an oversized green t-shirt with a mounted stack of silver neck chains. In her latest hair debut she wore a black, red and white jersey with layers of silver necklaces.

Billie’s color switch-up is most likely influenced by her newly announced collaboration with . Billie re-imagined some Nike Air Alpha Force 88 sneakers in a fire red, black, and white colourway and a classic black and white combo. “Self expression through style is so important to me. These shoes are so versatile and I hope you have fun styling them,” Billie said via a Nike . The sneakers are set to launch on August 7 on Billie’s website and August 8 on the Nike SNKRS app. We love this new era for Billie!