We've Never Seen Billie Eilish Wear Bangs as Long as This Before

Bangs have been a mainstay in Billie Eilish's look for as long as we can remember, but they've reached an unbelievably long length. In fact, we're declaring them to be the longest set of that we've ever seen on the singer thus far. 

Taking to Instagram on February 20, Eilish shared a photo with her 100 million-plus followers of how long her bangs have grown. They extend slightly below her eyes now. A few A-listers, including star Alexa Demie, showed up to the comments section to compliment the singer's lengthy fringe. "Ooo," Demie wrote. 

This fringe length progress report comes almost three weeks after the singer revealed via Instagram that she got some . Per the photos she shared on February 1, her baby bangs fell slightly above her eyebrows, which is a big difference compared to what they look like now. 

If you've been following Eilish for a while, you're probably well aware of the fact that she's updating her hairstyle. Prior to her black dye job and baby bangs, the singer went in December, and she confessed the first week of January 2022 that she briefly became a for only one week in November. Before her short-lived red era, she was an for nearly nine months last year. (Her from 2019 seem like a faint memory.)

Although Eilish seems to change her hair color often, her bangs never seem to go away. But since they're now so long, will they be turned into layers soon? Keep us posted, Billie. 

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