Get Your Money Francis - After Joe Rogan Warned Francis Ngannou, MichaelJai-White Gives Ex-UFC Star a Brutal Reality Check Ahead of Tyson Fury BoxingFight


Michael Jai White had a lot to say about the Tyson Fury fight in a recent interview. Also, on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience the host and discussed the fight at length along with other things. Ngannou even went as far ahead as to allege that Fury used during his fights to make the opponents hurt more. However, messed up gloves or not, Jai White believes that ‘The Gypsy King’ will still reign supreme.

The actor and martial artist gave his two cents about the whole ordeal. Ngannou is transitioning from MMA to boxing. Now, it’s all about his fists and his movement and he will be in the ring with one of the greatest contemporaries. Jai White knew what he was speaking about and drew some interesting comparisons.


Michael Jai White’s enthusiasm for combat sports is not unknown to anyone. He’s made films that portray his sheer physical capacity on the screen but behind it, he’s still a genius. In a recent conversation with Vlad TV, the star took apart the idea of Ngannou winning over Fury piece by piece.

he started. 

Tyson Fury stands at a behemoth height of six foot nine inches. The man is an absolute beast and has great reach. Clubbing that up to his boxing experience just turns the odds in his favor. While Ngannou is a brilliant fighter all around, he still has never boxed professionally. Things might just get tricky for a six-foot-four Ngannou.

Jai White said. The remark is obviously because Ngannou is making a lot of money from the PFL. Especially if one were to compare how much he used to make at the UFC. The fighter has allegedly been offered $10 million for the Fury fight in Riyadh.