Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth’s close friendship with Matt Damon and his wife

Despite the fact that the two have rarely worked together, and are close friends. The two spend so much time together that now their wives, and , are also close friends, with the foursome going out on dinners and trips together.

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They met through mutual friends

Elsa Pataky revealed that the group met thanks to mutual friends, who decided to introduce them after learning that Hemsworth was a fan of Damon. “Chris has been a big fan of Matt Damon, me too, and then when I met his wife I’m even more of a fan of his wife,” said Pataky in an interview with PEOPLE. “They are such amazing people. We have three kids, they have four kids, so we ended up making the same plans because everything we do we do with our kids, so it’s easier to do things with people that understand you.”

Elsa and Luciana share a special bond

While Hemsworth and Damon have plenty of things in common, including their succesful careers as action movie stars, Pataky and Barroso share an even deeper bond. “And his wife is Argentinian so we speak Spanish,” said Pataky to PEOPLE. “So for me, it’s a relief, yes, somebody I can speak Spanish with! We’ve become very good friends.”

They have matching tattoos

Pataky also revealed that the three have matching tattoos, which they got while spending a Christmas together. “A few friends, we got together and we felt like we had to have something to remind us of those great moments we stayed together, and we decided to get a little tattoo [of three dots on their pinkies] all together and we say, ‘We’ll have to do one every year.'”

Hemsworth and Damon are so close that Ben Affleck has gotten involved

and Matt Damon have Hollywood’s most iconic bromance. Some years ago, Affleck retweeted a tweet that said that Damon had replaced him with Hemsworth, writing, Hey @chrishemsworth, you can have him!” Hemsworth replied: Sorry mate not my fault! He’s just a big @Marvel fan, not @DCComics. How do you like them apples.”

The four were recently in Australia

Earlier this month, stopped by Byron Bay, Australia, visiting Pataky and Hemsworth in their home. The four were spotted dressed up as they stopped by a restaurant and had dinner with some friends.