The Dark Origin Story of Dragons in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones Lore

George R.R. Martin’s has captured the hearts of millions through various mediums, be it the screen or the pages of his books. And one undeniably cool aspect of the lore that is still the subject of fascination for many is the dragons. Although these creatures are present throughout the story, very little is known about them in actuality.

Although expands on that subject, the mystery of their origin remains shrouded. Despite various theories, some darker than others, people still debate what could have brought them into existence.

Game of Thrones dragons have a dark origin

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The Origin Story of Dragons in the Game of Thrones Universe

From their very birth to the way they pick their riders, so far it is known that dragons have a close tie to blood magic. And to answer what blood magic is, it pretty much lies in its name itself. It is a form of magic that demands the sacrifice of living beings for its operation. Its practice stands banned in numerous societies, even in Dothraki.

Now coming back to the origin story, despite the mysteries surrounding them, this connection stands out as a crucial piece. Dragons have been intertwined with blood magic ever since they were first brought into the story. But nobody knows why.

Vhagar, the second-biggest dragon in Westeros

Numerous tales exist regarding the origins of dragons, ranging from their origin from a bizarre wreckage of a second moon to coming from a mysterious land altogether. Legends shared in either the show, the books, or both, put forth many such accounts.

Legends from Asshai tells a story of an unknown group taming dragons, sharing secrets with Valyrians, and then disappearing. While Valyrian histories claim dragons emerged from Valyria’s volcanoes, however, other stories suggest they came from the Shadow Lands or the Jade Sea islands.

On the other hand, Daenerys, portrayed by Emilia Clarke, encounters a narrative in Quarth about dragons hatching from a moon that approached too close to the sun. But the plausibility of each legend remains a subject of speculation, leaving their credibility open to interpretation.

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So What Is the Connection Between Blood Magic and the Dragons?

Westeros’ famed historian Septon Barth’s theory, is the only story that establishes a connection between the creatures and the blood magic, making it the most plausible explanation. Whether dragons came from Valyria or another land, this is only a theoretical connection between dragons and blood magic that makes sense.

Balerion, the biggest dragon in Westeros

Although it appears peculiar that, among the numerous mystical creatures, only dragons have a supernatural beginning, this clarifies their association with blood magic the best. Barth’s theory suggests that Valyrian blood mages (blood magic users) utilized their magic to craft dragons, establishing an ancestral connection between the initial dragons and wyverns or firearms.

Although the debate will go on, the mysterious dragons will keep fascinating people as time goes by.

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