Hailee Steinfeld dishes on playing cupid for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's highly-anticipated nuptials

Hailee Steinfeld recently revealed her excitement about the upcoming wedding of her close friends, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. In an exclusive interview, she discussed her role in setting them up and shared her thoughts on their relationship.

Steinfeld, who is a mutual friend of the couple, expressed her joy in helping them find love. She explained that she had been friends with both Joe and Sophie for a while and felt that they would be a perfect match. According to her, she noticed their chemistry and thought they would make a great couple. So, she decided to play matchmaker and introduced them to each other.

Now, as their wedding approaches, Steinfeld is eagerly looking forward to celebrating their special day. She described the couple as an incredible match and praised their love for each other. The actress shared her belief in their strong bond and genuine connection, stating that their relationship is built on love and support.

When asked about her involvement in the wedding planning, Steinfeld remained tight-lipped but hinted that she may have a role to play. She mentioned that she's there for Joe and Sophie and will support them in any way she can. She expressed her excitement about being a part of their big day and witnessing their love story unfold.

Steinfeld also spoke about her friendship with Joe Jonas, stating that they have been friends for a long time. She described him as an amazing person who is super talented and genuine. The actress expressed her admiration for his overall being and shared her excitement for his future with Sophie.

In addition to discussing the wedding, Steinfeld also talked about her own career. She expressed gratitude for her success in the entertainment industry and discussed her recent projects. The actress revealed that she has been working on new music and hinted at upcoming releases.

In conclusion, Hailee Steinfeld is ecstatic about the upcoming wedding of her friends Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, whom she set up. She expressed her joy in seeing them find love and described them as a perfect match. Steinfeld eagerly awaits their wedding day and hinted at her possible involvement in the celebration. She also spoke highly of her friendship with Joe and expressed her support for his relationship with Sophie.