33 Blackberry Recipes for Summer's Best Desserts, Drinks, and More

Truly great blackberries are fleeting, so you need to be ready with blackberry recipes on hand. Whether you find the berries at your local farmers market or happen upon a tangle of vines while you're out on a walk, the best move is to get them home, get them washed, and get them into one of these crumbles, crisps, icebox cakes, or drinks as quickly as possible. Below you'll find our favorite ways to bake (or no-bake!) with summer's most flavorful berries, including cooling ice pops, smoothies, and granitas, plus easy, -friendly turnovers and more.

If this lattice-topped pie isn’t one of the showstopping-est blackberry recipes you’ve ever seen, we don’t know what is. Serve it at absolutely every summer occasion.

This drink is easy going; use gin or vodka along with the cucumbers and mint, and sub in raspberries if you've exhausted your blackberry stash.