Diving into Diana's Fashion: A Revealing Glimpse | The Crown | Netflix


"The Crown" on Netflix provides an inside look into the fashion choices of Princess Diana. The show, which explores the life of Queen Elizabeth II, also delves into the iconic style of Diana. Known for her fashion-forward choices, Diana's outfits became a reflection of her developing sense of self and rebellion against traditional royal attire.

The series showcases how Diana's fashion evolved over time, from her initial shy and conservative clothing to her bold and daring choices. As her confidence grew, so did her sartorial choices, showcasing her unique personality and desire for independence.


Diana's fashion statements became a means of communication, allowing her to express her independence and individuality. Her clothing choices often mirrored her emotions and the challenges she faced. The show highlights how her outfits became a way to navigate her public image and gain independence within the confines of the royal protocol.

The elaborate costumes and attention to detail in "The Crown" recreate Diana's memorable looks, such as her wedding gown and the iconic "revenge dress." The production team worked closely with designers and experts to accurately portray the evolution of Diana's style.

Through "The Crown," viewers get a glimpse into the impact and influence that Diana's fashion had on the public and the monarchy as a whole. Her timeless style continues to be an inspiration for fashion enthusiasts and her legacy lives on.