The Royal Metamorphosis: How Wigs Elevate the Crown Cast to Nobility


Netflix's hit series "The Crown" has gained popularity not only for its captivating storyline but also for the impeccable transformation of its cast into real-life royals. The key to this remarkable metamorphosis lies in the use of wigs, which play a vital role in recreating the iconic looks of the British monarchy.

From Queen Elizabeth II's signature hairstyles to Princess Margaret's glamorous waves, wigs are essential in depicting the characters accurately. Costume designer Amy Roberts employs a team of wig makers who meticulously craft each wig to match the specific time period and style of the characters. These wigs are made using real human hair, allowing for a more natural look and texture.


The process of transforming the actors into their royal counterparts is a careful and time-consuming one. The cast members spend hours in the makeup chair, getting their hair and wigs styled to perfection. The hairstyling team makes use of various techniques, including curling, straightening, and even shaving off the actors' natural hair, to achieve the desired look.

Wigs not only help in portraying the characters authentically but also aid the actors in getting into character. The physical transformation that occurs when the actors don their wigs helps them step into the shoes of their royal counterparts and bring them to life on screen.

Overall, the use of wigs in "The Crown" is essential in creating a visually stunning and accurate representation of the British royal family. These wigs not only help in transforming the cast but also play a significant role in immersing the audience in the world of royalty.