Wednesday's Emma Myers said she got bullied as a kid because of what she liked!


star Emma Myers has opened up about her childhood and why she was bullied for her ‘alternative tastes’ in school.

The has been on everyone’s lips lately, as it details the Addams Family's only daughter Wednesday () as she attends Nevermore Academy - an elite school for vampires, werewolves and sirens alike.

The -helmed show has been a roaring success since it dropped on the platform last month, being watched by more than 115 million households for a total of 752.52 million hours during the first 12 days it spent on .

Not only that, but the spin-off was so successful that it’s cemented itself as the highest-rated Addams Family property to date.


Jenna Ortega has been heaped with praise for her portrayal of the infamous character, but snood-donning werewolf Enid Sinclair, played by Emma Myers, also quickly emerged as a fan favourite from the Netflix show, with viewers loving the character’s quirky personality and bright attire.

In the series, Enid is Wednesday’s bubbly roommate, whose upbeat personality immediately clashes with Wednesday’s more gothic demeanor.

However, in a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the actor admitted she was a bit of an outsider back in her school days and even got bullied for the ‘alternative’ interests she had.

“I was kind of an outsider because I was into things more than the normal kid would be," she the magazine.

"And I got bullied for it."

The 20-year-old added: “Some people can't let go of the fact that people enjoy things that make them happy."