Chris Hemsworth Returning For Thor 5 Gets Confirmed By Taika Waititi After Revealing Real Reason Behind Stepping Down

When the fourth installment of the series was about to hit the theatres, everyone had high hopes for it. Alas, those hopes were shattered when was released, and people saw Chris Hemsworth’s iconic character of the God of Thunder turned into nothing but a glorified comic relief.

Naturally, the film turned out to be a critical and commercial disappointment for the MCU, which jeopardized the return of the star as his character in the future. But recently, it was revealed by Taika Waititi himself that he will be stepping down as series director from the MCU, while also confirming that Hemsworth will make a return as Thor.

Taika Waititi Reveals Chris Hemsworth’s Return As Thor In Next Film Of The Series

The first time we saw Thor in the MCU, he was a little naive and aloof when he first came to Midgard. But slowly, that nature of him changed into the cosmic bada*s that we all came to love. And while we still loved his comical quips here and there, took that to an extreme that people disliked as soon as they saw it.

Thus, the movie put a dent in ‘s reputation as his iconic character. In light of this, seems like Marvel Studios has learned its lesson, and so has director , who has stepped down from his position.

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In a recent interview with , the director opened up about the decision to take his leave as series creator for the last two films in the MCU. He said that creating these films non-stop for the last two years has been hectic, which made him take a break from it all. He said:

“It’s a very draining process working on these films for two and a half years and nonstop,”

But the good news is that he recalls hearing about the star in talks with Marvel Studios for the next Thor film in the MCU, which will be the fifth installment in the series. The main reason why Waititi wants a break is because, after he runs in the MCU, he still has a lot of projects he wants to focus on apart from the cinematic juggernaut.

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What’s Next For Taika Waititi?

When we look at what the New Zealand filmmaker is up to after his last Thor film, we can understand why he is so burnt up and needs a long break.

He is currently in line to create a new Star Wars project along with being tasked to adapt 1988’s iconic anime film to live-action. Along with that, the director is also currently focused on developing the narrative of Kazuo Ishiguro’s bestselling novel and at the same time, he’s the lead star in Max’s comedy series

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