If You’re Hurt and Can’t Fight… – Dana White Led UFC’s “Abuse” Comes to Lightin Controversial Accusations by Francis Ngannou on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’


is a man of great change, and it resonated deeply in his decision to leave behind the UFC and join the PFL. In a recent episode of The Experience, Ngannou appeared as a guest and called the curtains on why he was pushed to make this stark decision.

By now it is common knowledge that the frustration majorly came from his contract. Ngannou wanted to change things up and that did not sit right with and Co. He disclosed some interesting conditions that he wanted to change, and here’s what we know.


Francis Ngannou is no stranger to the business. He spoke openly about how extensions work in the UFC world. Basically, if a fighter denies a fight, their contract gets extended about 6 months so they can take the next fight whenever that may be. So there is no real leeway for the fighter to have a say in the matter. If the UFC wants them to fight, they’ll have to.

The restrictions placed on the fighter by the UFC contract bothered him to no end. He injured his knee during a sparring session right before he had to fight at UFC 270. He ended up with an MCL and an ACL that was badly impaired. However, the extension meant he would get into one fight or another whether he liked it or not.

Ngannou was suffering from COVID-19 when he received his extension letter in Cameroon, right before the . It is no wonder that the fighter felt pushed.