3 Body Problem Trailer Breakdown: 9 Reveals From Game Of Thrones Creators' New Netflix Show

The new teaser for Netflix's offered some important story details for the upcoming series. Based on the novel by Liu Cixin and produced by creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, the upcoming series could be a real treat for science fiction lovers. The novel, a part of the trilogy, is a non-linear story depicting multiple events along a several-century timeline as humanity awaits an oncoming alien invasion. distinguishes itself from other alien invasion stories in that it explores the complexity of awaiting an existential crisis.

The spotlight is on Weiss and Benioff to get the story right, as their failure with led fans to villainize them, resulting in them losing out on planned work in Hollywood. The new , given that the series of books has been fully written. Before cultural collapse, Weiss and Benioff were commonly celebrated for their ability to faithfully adapt complex novels onto the screen, something will require. However, from the trailers and information about the series so far, it seems like the Netflix adaptation is taking some creative liberties.

9 Liam Cunningham's Thomas Wade Will Be Involved In The Investigations

Benedict Wong's Shi Qiang is barely in the new teaser, but he can briefly be seen opposite Liam Cunningham's character, Thomas Wade. Qiang is a detective who will be at the center of an investigation, trying to piece together several connected crimes. The teaser gives a first look at Cunningham in the role, where he says, . This provides some insight into the conspiracy Shi Qiang is unearthing, suggesting that Wade will somehow be involved in the investigation process.

8 John Bradley's Jack Rooney Will Be One Of The First Characters To Discover "Three-Body"

In the teaser scene, star John Bradley's character, Jack Rooney, is trying on the VR headset that takes him into the "Three-Body" game. The game takes its player into an alien world with a constantly changing weather system, randomly flipping between Stable and Chaotic Eras. The object is for the player to determine the weather pattern to better survive the Chaotic Eras. In the trailer, Jack is being shown the VR headset, examining the strangeness of the device, meaning it's still a new concept to them when they find it.

7 Jack Rooney Doesn't Advance In "Three-Body"

The purpose of the Three Body game is to test users and ultimately recruit users to the Earth-Trisolaris Organization, a group of humans seeking to aid the Trisolarian aliens invading Earth. Users who progress through the game by helping examine the weather patterns are selected to advance. At the end of the teaser, Sea Shimooka's character, Sophon, says, before slashing at Jack with a sword. This implies Jack Rooney may not have made it very far in the game, which is consistent with the fact that he's an original character in the TV series, as are many members of the .

6 Jonathan Pryce Is Mike Evans

Jonathan Pryce, who appeared in as High Sparrow, will have a role in as Mike Evans, a character revealed in the new teaser. In the book, Mike Evans is the son of a wealthy oil magnate. He appears in different eras in the timeline, with a younger and older version of the character playing a role in the story. Pryce will play the older Mike Evans, with Ben Schnetzer set to play his younger self. Mike Evans is responsible for providing the funding for the Earth-Trisolaris Organization and will play a large role in the series.

5 Jovan Adepo And Eiza González Will Be Connected

Jovan Adepo and Eiza González are two of the most exciting actors to be appearing in the series, both of whom play characters original to the TV series, Saul Durand and Auggie Salazar respectively. Not much is known about either character, but the teaser shows them sharing scenes. The first scene shows the two of them appearing shocked about something off-screen, and the latter shows González' character in tears with Adepo's wrapping his arms around her. The also displayed very little about their characters.

4 Space Technology Will Play A Role

isn't going to be a space opera by any means, but with an imminent alien invasion, understanding Earth's capacity for space technology is important. An action shot in the teaser shows a rocket launching. The Trisolaran invasion is set to reach Earth 450 years after its departure, allowing Earth ample time to catch up in terms of technology. The Trisolarans anticipate this in the book and utilize methods to halt Earth's scientists and technological advancement.

3 Jess Hong's Jin Cheng And Jack Rooney Are The Show's Cheng Xin And Yun Tianming

The new teaser prominently features Jess Hong and John Bradley's characters, both of whom have original names in the TV adaptation. Based on characters from the book, it can be assumed that Jin Cheng will be the show's version of Cheng Xin, an aerospace engineer. She attends the same college as Yun Tianming, another engineer who has a romantic affection for Cheng Xin. Whether or not the show explores a romantic connection between them is to be seen, but they seem to be the most likely candidates for the TV characters' inspirations.

2 Jin Cheng And Thomas Wade Will Have An Important Storyline

A quick shot early in the teaser shows Jin Cheng and Thomas Wade standing on a rooftop with Saamer Usmani's character, Raj Varma. In the book, Cheng Xin and Thomas Wade are both involved with the PDC Strategic Intelligence Agency, where the two find themselves in contention. While not much is known about what their roles will look like in the series, it can at least be deduced from the teaser that they're linked in some way.

1 The Beetle Will Be A Source Of Mystery

The teaser trailer shows Jack Rooney interacting with a blue, chromatic beetle. The meaning of the insect is unknown, but it may serve as an important metaphor for the story of . In the book, there's a long quote about the role of bugs in human civilization and how bugs have survived various efforts to eliminate them. The bugs serve as a representation of humans in conflict against the Trisolarans. The beetle could also resemble a computer bug because it exists inside a computer's virtual reality.