Chris Hemsworth's Hilarious Attempt at Returning Jessica Chastain's Gift Goes Awry on Graham Norton's Show

In a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, it was revealed that actor Chris Hemsworth tried to regift a present back to his co-star Jessica Chastain. The hilarious tale unfolded during a discussion on the show about their latest film project, "The Huntsman: Winter's War."

According to the story, Jessica Chastain had given Hemsworth a gift on the set of the film, which he appreciated but didn't really have a use for. He decided to hold onto it and find a suitable occasion to regift it to someone else.

However, fate had other plans in store for Hemsworth. It turned out that Chastain had also appeared on The Graham Norton Show a few weeks prior, where she confessed that she had once received a gift from a famous actor and then subsequently regifted it back to him. Hemsworth had seen the episode and realized that Chastain was talking about him.

Upon hearing this revelation, Hemsworth decided to come clean and admit his attempt to regift Chastain's present back to her. The audience erupted with laughter as Chastain jokingly expressed her disappointment at not receiving a new gift. Hemsworth explained that he had held onto the present for over a year, waiting for the perfect moment to regift it, only to have his plans foiled by Chastain's appearance on the talk show.

The light-hearted banter continued as Chastain playfully asked Hemsworth what the gift was. He hesitated at first, but eventually revealed that it was a bathing suit. The audience was amused by this unexpected choice of a present, with both Hemsworth and Chastain laughing at the irony.

Despite the failed attempt at regifting, Hemsworth and Chastain shared a good-natured exchange and demonstrated their playful chemistry, which mirrored their onscreen dynamic in "The Huntsman: Winter's War."

Overall, this lighthearted moment on The Graham Norton Show showcased Hemsworth's light-hearted nature and willingness to be open about his comedic mishaps. It also highlighted the close friendship and camaraderie between him and Chastain, providing fans with a glimpse into their off-screen relationship.