Selena Unleashes Fury as Justin Bieber Mocks Her Body: Outrage Erupts within the Industry


Selena Gomez expresses her anger towards Justin Bieber for body-shaming her.

In a recent article, it has been reported that Selena Gomez is fuming over comments made by her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, who allegedly fat-shamed her during their turbulent relationship. The pop star, who has been known to openly discuss body positivity and mental health struggles, is said to be deeply hurt and frustrated by Bieber's hurtful words.

Sources close to Gomez reveal that the singer feels betrayed and disappointed in Bieber's behavior, especially considering their history together. The former couple dated on and off for several years, and although they have both moved on since their breakup, Gomez expected more respect from her ex-partner.


The article indicates that Bieber's comments, which were made privately among friends, have caused a significant emotional toll on Gomez. Friends of the singer have expressed concern for Selena's wellbeing, as body-shaming can have a profound impact on one's self-esteem and mental health.

Selena Gomez is known for using her platform to advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance, so the fact that someone close to her like Bieber would make derogatory comments about her physique has struck a nerve. As a result, the pop star has decided to speak out against body-shaming and the harm it can cause, hoping to raise awareness and prevent others from experiencing similar pain.

In conclusion, Selena Gomez is enraged by Justin Bieber's alleged fat-shaming comments, and she intends to use her voice to combat body-shaming and promote self-love.