Law and Order SVU fans in meltdown as OC promo 'seals' Stabler Meloni romance 'Happening!'


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Season two of kicked off with a bang this week, going back to back with the long-running flagship drama which premiered its 23rd series. SVU’s opener may have focussed on the departures of Kat (played by Jamie Gray Hyder) and Garland (Demore Barnes) but it’s a crossover event next week that has already got fans in a frenzy. In what promises to be an action-packed three-hour event across the franchise on , the promo for the next OC episode all but confirms Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Benson (Mariska Hargitay) will finally have their romantic moment.

For the best part of two decades, Law and Order fans have been on tenterhooks waiting for the pair to finally admit their loving feelings for one another.


And excitement levels were spiked even higher in season one of OC when Stabler delivered Benson a heartfelt written letter - although its content remain a mystery.

But the season two, episodes two and three promos for OC, which will crossover with SVU, it teases that not only will the letter’s contents be revealed - but that Stabler will throw himself into Benson’s arms.

The promo opens with Stabler surprising Benson in the squad room as she and her team go over a case. She surprisedly turns and says: “Elliot.”



In the final moments of the trailer, Stabler bangs on Benson’s apartment door, insisting: “The letter. I want to talk.”

But Benson seems reluctant to do so, replying: “I have nothing to say.”

In the next shot, fans see Stabler on his knee with his hands wrapped around Benson’s waist.

As he raises a caressing hand to her face, he whispers: “I need you.”