Billie Eilish's Neon Roots Are Back, and in Red This Time. Nature Is Healing.

is back to her signature style. The have returned, but instead of her iconic slime lime green, Eilish opted for a super bright shade of fire-engine red.

Eilish basically threw it right back to the early 2020s with her fresh she's now rocking the most vibrant we've ever seen, so bright that the color radiates right off your phone or computer screen. (Is that why she's wearing sunglasses?) "Remember me?" she wrote , where she debuted the new look. This isn't auburn or copper red; this is cherry Ferrari, bombshell red lipstick, true scarlet red. (Eilish's color was created by .)

Eilish certainly does look a whole lot like she did in her "Bad Guy" era, minus the green-to-red swap. Eilish's is pulled up into cute, messy to really let the red roots shine, and full, long bangs brush past Eilish's eyes. Even the jersey-over-a-T-shirt and piles of silver necklaces feel very 2019 Eilish. But what does it Billie?

Fans immediately flocked to the comments to share their excitement about the return of the roots. "THERE SHE IS," wrote one. "ROOT ERA IS BACK ROOT ERA IS BACK," added another. "OMFG. just fell to my knees. NEW ERA??!!!!" enthused another. the roots be a hint at a new album and new-but-old aesthetic for the musician, or did she simply miss her colorful roots? It's a big TBD for now, but when Eilish does something to her hair, we pay close attention.

The star has been a hair color chameleon since her childhood. In mid-July, she of herself doing gymnastics as a kid, and her has been dyed a deep teal blue at the mid-lengths to the ends. Eilish famously in 2021 and had fun with the for awhile, but then changed it up with a before going Every single color she's tried looks amazing on Eilish, which is magic in itself, but it's fun to see her return to what is, arguably, her most iconic look ... at least until she changes it up again!

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