Law and Order SVU: Fan frenzy as on set photos hint at Benson and Stabler romance


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long-running procedural drama returned for another action-packed instalment, however it was a collection of behind the scenes images which caused a frenzy. In these images, the beloved Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) appears to be getting intimately close to Elliot Stabler (Chris Meloni).

Throughout the 23 years, Law and Order SVU has been on air on CBS fans have been longing to see Benson and Stabler spark a romance.

It looks as though this could finally come to fruition after a fan page exposed some off-camera action between the two.

In the snaps, the two may have been rehearsing for the upcoming episode as Meloni was holding some paper which looked like a script.


The detectives also appear to gaze into each other's eyes, with Stabler tenderly touching Benson’s chin while she moves into close proximity to return the touch.


@Suchadaydreamer stated: “I am here for this!!”

Whereas @Jackies65 suggested: “I think they’re just messing with fans….. Lol”

As @Alisongust tweeted: “I could see that! And I agree that this episode is gonna be something big.”

Both Benson and Stabler were introduced to viewers in the pilot episode which landed on screen in 1999.