Dune Screenwriter Confident His 'American Version of The Crown' Will Be 'Fabulous'


Eric Roth, the screenwriter behind "Dune" and "Killers of the Flower Moon," recently revealed in an interview with the Script Apart podcast that he is working on a new series that he envisions as the American equivalent of "The Crown," focusing on the Kennedy family. Roth mentioned that he has multiple projects in the works, including a JFK series that has been picked up by Netflix.

Roth expressed his excitement for the potential Kennedy series, drawing parallels to the acclaimed historical drama "The Crown.


" He shared that the project is based on Fredrik Logevall's book "JFK: Coming Of Age In The American Century, 1917-1956," which delves into JFK's family background and early political career.

The prospect of an American version of "The Crown" featuring the Kennedys has generated buzz among fans of the original series. With its mix of historical accuracy and dramatic storytelling, Roth hopes to capture the essence of Peter Morgan's genius in depicting royal history.

As Roth continues to develop the Kennedy series, viewers eagerly anticipate how he will bring this iconic American family to life on screen.