What Did Joe Rogan Reveal About Shaquille O’Neal’s Weight Loss? Exploring 7ft NBA Legend’s New Fitness Goals, Tom Brady’s Shirtless Beach Influence, and More - EssentiallySports

Two NBA superstars prove age is just a number. One is . The other is his former teammate, . The 7’1″ giant had an epiphany that his health was in shambles and decided to fix that. When he was north of 50, Shaq set a goal to reach the weight he was at when he won his fourth championship in Miami. Almost two years in, his goal is within reach, proving age is no bar to take care of yourself.

Joe Rogan once broke down the secrets behind transformative journey. Whether he’s funny or serious, Shaq also said Tom Brady is part of the reason he’s successful.

Joe Rogan is in awe of Shaquille O’Neal

During the pandemic, Shaquille O’Neal saw the need to improve his health when the once most dominant center on the court was winded on the stairs. He confessed he let go after retiring from the NBA. He’d have sporadic health kicks, lose some weight, and celebrate by letting go again. You know, like many of us, with our on-and-off healthy resolutions. But Shaq has now found renewed determination to stay on track thanks to set goals.

JRE mogul and fitness enthusiast, Joe Rogan is following Shaq’s progress and was all praise for his hard work. “

Rogan is not far off. O’Neal is not just attempting to slim down. He’s determined to launch his Instagram model era, building his muscles and abs to flaunt through shirtless pics on the platform.

Shaq sought expert trainers, dieticians, and nutritionists for help. “” completely on point, proving he’s been watching Shaq.


O’Neal has an IFBB pro coach, Roc Shabazz helping him. Both share the intense workouts the big fella does on social media. Sometimes, they’ve shown the equipment that is rigged just to fit the 7’1″ giant’s frame. It’s all for Shaq to outdo Tom Brady and more.

Shaquille O’Neal’s methods to stay healthy

Around the time Rogan commented on his progress, he had lost about 45lbs and had a six-pack to flaunt. In 2023, he was proud to say he’d shed 55lbs pounds. But he wouldn’t stop till he lost 20 lbs more and had an eight-pack.

This month, he upped his desires to have a 12-pack to flaunt on a vacation. He took a two-month break from his fitness routine but he’s back on track now as .

where he blamed the retired NFL legend for setting the high standards of retirement bods. O’Neal saw Brady thirst trap and told him, “.” He’d admit he got “” of Brady but also said that he’s showing you didn’t have to retire from fitness after retiring from the game.

He’d go on to tell the footballers that he had to pack the pounds during his NBA career. O’Neal started at 285lbs and went to 315lbs during his MVP days with the Lakers. He ballooned over 400lbs later and was slower in Miami. So Pat Riley put him through a grueling regimen to come down to 325lbs and win the fourth championship. O’Neal’s goal is not only to be Tom Brady but also to be at the prime fitness of his fourth ring.

Shaq may have his prime , Brady, Phil Heath, and Instagram models as visual goals but he’s got the ultimate support in his daughter. Taahirah O’Neal is on her own fitness journey with encouragement from her dad. and was glad to celebrate it with a special mention of her dad.

Shaq’s goals aren’t far away. viewers noticed his suits fit fine lately. He claims he’s not yet met his eight-pack 325lbs goal, but he’s ready to give the shirtless Instagram models a run for their money at 51.