Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Heartfelt Tribute to Their Beloved Dog Waldo's Memory

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are honoring the memory of their late dog, Waldo, in a touching tribute. The couple recently adopted a new puppy and named it "Porky Basquiat" after their beloved late pet Waldo Picasso.

In a heartwarming act of remembrance, Joe Jonas took to Instagram to share the news of their new furry family member, Porky Basquiat. He captioned the photo saying, "Meet the newest addition to the krew @porkybasquiat."

The name choice holds a special significance as it pays tribute to Waldo's full name, "Waldo Picasso." By incorporating "Basquiat" into the new pup's name, they are honoring the renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Waldo tragically passed away earlier this month after he escaped from his leash and was struck by a car in New York City. The heartbroken couple was devastated by the loss, and their grief was visible as they shared tributes and memories of their late dog on social media.

Sophie Turner, known for her role as Sansa Stark in "Game of Thrones," also expressed her sadness over Waldo's untimely death by getting a tattoo in remembrance of him. She inked Waldo's face on her forearm alongside the words, "I miss you, Waldo." This permanent gesture serves as a constant reminder of their beloved pet.

The Jonas Brothers singer likewise decided to honor their late dog by getting a tattoo of his face on his arm. Joe Jonas shared an Instagram story revealing the new ink, which also included the words, "R.I.P. my little angel." This tattoo further demonstrates the couple's deep affection for their departed pup.

Pet owners often find solace in adopting new pets after losing a beloved furry friend, as their presence can help mend their broken hearts. In the case of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, welcoming Porky Basquiat into their lives provides a sense of healing and allows them to continue to honor the memory of Waldo.

The loss of a pet is always heartbreaking, but finding ways to pay tribute to their memory can provide comfort and a sense of closure. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have chosen to keep Waldo's spirit alive through their new puppy and heartfelt tattoos, showcasing the deep bond they shared with their late dog.

Their decision to adopt a new dog and give him a name that honors Waldo's legacy highlights the enduring love they had for their furry companion. With their new addition, the couple can begin to heal while cherishing the memories they made with Waldo Picasso.