Lord Of The Rings: 18 Best Samwise Gamgee Quotes


1. "The Finest Rockets Ever Seen: They Burst In Stars Of Blue And Green":

After the Fellowship loses Gandalf to the Balrog in Moria, they travel to Lothlorien. Upon hearing of Gandalf's demise, the elves sing a funeral lament in his honor. Sam, wanting to pay tribute to Gandalf, recites a short verse about his famous fireworks. Although he becomes embarrassed and stops prematurely, Sam's intention is to honor Gandalf's character and his joyful spirit.

2. "It's Me! It's Your Sam! Don't You Know Your Sam?":

When the Nazgul attack Osgiliath, Frodo is gradually succumbing to the Ring's influence. In an attempt to prevent Frodo from putting on the Ring, Sam stops him just in time. However, Frodo misinterprets Sam's actions and nearly attacks him. In this desperate moment, Sam passionately cries out, reminding Frodo of their close friendship and pleading for recognition as an ally rather than an enemy. Sam's unwavering loyalty and love for Frodo become evident in this emotional moment.


3. "Let Him Go! Or I'll 'Ave You, Longshanks!":

Despite hobbits not being known for their bravery, Sam fearlessly defends Frodo when Aragorn grabs him. Unaware of Aragorn's noble intentions, Sam is prepared to protect his friend at all costs, even if it means facing a formidable opponent. This tender and courageous act showcases Sam's loyalty and determination.

4. "Mordor. The One Place In Middle-earth We Don't Want To See Any Closer, And The One Place We're Trying To Get To":

As the duo traverses the rocky wilderness of Emyn Muil, Sam spots Mordor in the distance. This iconic line captures Sam's usual optimism and reveals his frustration and dread about reaching their