“I can’t do that”: Dwayne Johnson Can’t Get Behind Joe Rogan’s One Gruelling Routine Despite Being the Pinnacle of Fitness

While Dwayne Johnson initially scrapped the idea of appearing on Rogan’s podcast last year after a controversial video of the podcaster resurfaced, the WWE Star has finally joined forces with Rogan.  Appearing on episode 2063 of , in their chit-chat that spanned almost 3 hours, the duo’s conversations mostly revolved around workout and fitness.

Considering both are avid fitness enthusiasts, it’s reasonable to see why most of the podcast revolved around their stances and approach to fitness. However, despite being at the top of his game, the idea of hitting the gym with an empty stomach after long flights is unpleasing to Johnson.

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Dwayne Johnson Admits Not Being Fond of Intermittent Fasting

Although both agreed that they should hit the gym right after long flights in order to avoid significant jet lag, didn’t see eye to eye with Rogan’s grueling approach to it. Responding to Rogan, who recalled being advised to avoid eating even during 16-hour long flights and then proceed to hit the gym on an empty stomach, Dwayne Johnson stated that he could never do that. Johnson said in the :

While Rogan clarified that he has never done that, the method isn’t uncommon among celebrities, including Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, and fitness icon Mark Wahlberg. For their respective Marvel roles, both Jackman and Hemsworth once revealed that they resorted to intermittent fasting, and still does 18-hour fasting followed by a six-hour eating window.

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Dwayne Johnson Does Engage in Some Fasted Cardio Early in the Morning

Even though the method of intermittent fasting isn’t appealing to the Brahma bull, he still does partake in fasted cardio early in the morning. The actor explained that his workout routine starts with cardio on an empty stomach in order to keep his metabolism high, which is followed by 6-7 balanced meals throughout the day. He told :

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Despite not engaging in intermittent fasting as many other prominent A-listers do, Dwayne Johnson still maintains a godly physique and is an inspiration to fitness enthusiasts all over the globe.