Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal star in new action film and Netflix and Amazon want to pay $100M for it

and are set to star in a new action film titled Crime 101. The two Hollywood stars will be acting together in the project based on the 2021 book by Don Winslow of the same name. While many are already declaring their excitement with the two fan-favorite stars sharing the screen, it seems like the popularity of the project has caused a bidding war between two of the largest streaming platforms.

The story follows a detective and his search for a jewel thief, however, very little is known about the script and the characters played by Pedro and Chris, including the rest of the cast. Directed by Bart Layton, the film has been described by Deadline as “a great story in the vein of ‘Heat,’” being compared to the 1995 crime thriller starring and Robert De Niro.

Amazon and Netflix are currently bidding on the film, with Deadline reporting that over $100 million is on the line, and it seems Amazon is leading the bid. The exciting new project will have to wait to be produced, as the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild are still on strike.

Both Pedro and Chris are not strangers to action films and series, with the Chilean star coming from the successful HBO show ‘The Last of Us’ and Disney’s ‘The Mandalorian.’ Meanwhile, the Australian actor has starred in many action productions, including Netflix’s ‘Extraction,’ and ‘12 Strong,’ among others, apart from his fan-favorite role as ‘Thor’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.