Dana White Reacts as Joe Rogan and Biologist Who Saved Him From Multiple Health Concerns Finally Get Together on JRE

and his tireless efforts have led the UFC to the heights it has achieved today. But the success had taken a heavy toll on White’s health. In an interview with The Action Junkeez Podcast, White stated that he was dealing with multiple health issues that were the result of his fast-paced lifestyle.

However, he revealed that he found a way to not only fix his issues but to transform his physique as well! According to White, human biologist Gary Brecka was the catalyst behind his transformation. Brecka recently appeared on the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) episode no. 2060. And this led to White giving a heartfelt shout-out to and Brecka on his social media!

Dana White gives a shout out to Joe Rogan and human biologist Gary Brecka 

The story behind Dana White’s impressive physical transformation is fascinating. White revealed that he had been facing health issues due to his lifestyle in recent years. He stated that he had trouble sleeping and his lower body was constantly racked with pain.

All of this led to , who claimed that his company can test and predict when a person will die based on their DNA analysis. The information can then be used to make changes to their diet and lifestyle to maximize life expectancy.

Brecka is also the co-founder of 10X Health Systems based in Florida. And his appearance on the JRE has drawn a heartfelt reaction from White. And he shared a regarding the episode. White posted, “”

White had previously stated that he visited Brecka in Florida in 2022. He revealed, “. Brecka informed White that according to his data, White had “10 years” to live.

But he gave him a system to follow for 10 weeks that led to White’s health issues completely disappearing. And even transformed his physique to a level that fans were left surprised!

White reveals that he feels younger than ever after working with Brecka

Despite maintaining fitness over the years, White faced health issues, including difficulty putting on socks and nearing diabetic status. Following the 10-week program, White reported significant improvements, shedding 30 pounds, eliminating snoring, and feeling rejuvenated. 

He stated, “” After 10 weeks on Brecka’s program, White claims to have felt revitalized and dismisses his initial skepticism. White emphasizes the

This is not the first time White has embraced a health program, as he previously promoted UFC FIT in 2013 with Mike Dolce. The UFC President’s newfound vitality could lead to changes in his online presence and possibly inspire healthier habits among fight fans. 

Do you think Dana White’s fitness transformation will help raise awareness about the impact lifestyle changes can have on life expectancy? Why or Why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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