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The article discusses the practice of palmistry in the Marathi language. Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, is the art of predicting a person's future and personality traits by analyzing the lines on their palms.

The article explores how palmistry has been practiced in Marathi culture, with those proficient in the art being able to interpret the unique symbols and patterns on an individual's hands. These palm readers, or "hasta rekha shastra" experts in Marathi, are able to provide insight into a person's character, health, and future based on the lines on their palms.

The article also touches upon the significance of specific lines like the heart line, head line, and life line in Marathi palmistry.


It highlights how the interpretation of these lines can vary depending on the individual's hand and palm shapes.

Overall, the article sheds light on the cultural significance and practice of palmistry in Marathi, emphasizing the importance of this ancient art in providing guidance and predictions for individuals seeking answers about their lives.