As Joe Rogan Argues “Bodybuilding Is Impossible Without Steroids”, Uncrowned Mr. Olympia Legend Takes a Brutal Jibe at Mike O Hearn - EssentiallySports

Bodybuilding has been rigorously expanding, both in terms of knowledge and competition. With the increase in the number of people getting passionate about it, there is no denying the fact that athletes often resort to the use of steroids in order to look more aesthetic and win competitions.

Well the UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan recently unraveled about the scenario in one of his interviews. Now taking to this, the uncrowned took an opportunity to grill the Titan of who is known to mislead his followers by denying his true status.

Kai Greene roasts Mike O’Hearn

Generation Iron recently took to their official Instagram account, @generationiron , and shared a picture from their recent interview with the UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan. In the interview, Rogan spoke about how the sport is impossible without being on PEDS.

In the post, they put a picture of Joe Rogan on the left side and a picture from the old days of the Olympia stage on the right side. In the caption, they wrote,

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Taking this opportunity, bodybuilding legend Kai Greene took a jibe at Mike O’Hearn, who has been hiding his use of steroids and claiming to be natural. He wrote, There have been a lot of but well, it just never settles.

Is Mike O’Hearn natural?

Kenny KO once uploaded a short video on his YouTube channel, where he is seen evaluating the natty status that Mike O’Hearn claims to be. Well, he is extraordinarily jacked for a man of the age of 54, and that is only possible when there is some sort of hormonal induction from external forces.

And it is not just Kenny KO who does not believe that Mike O’Hearn is natural. On several occasions, the IFBB Pro coach, Greg Doucette, who has extensive knowledge of the use, has accused Mike O’Hearn of lying to his followers about not being on PEDs. Well, the problem is not him being on roids; the real problem is setting unparalleled standards by claiming to be natural as a fitness icon. What do you think? Is Mike O’Hearn natural or injected? Let us know in the comments section below!