“Draymond Green Doesn’t Need Help!”: Shaquille O’Neal Backs Warriors Star, Compares Play to Dennis Rodman


received an indefinite suspension just a day after he was ejected for slapping Jusuf Nurkic. While the entire basketball community is ripping apart Green, Shaquille O’Neal decided to back the Golden State Warriors leader. Making an appearance on , the TNT analyst defended the four-time champ, claiming that the latter didn’t need any help.

Draymond Green just came back on the court from a five-game suspension before being hit with yet another suspension. This time, the league didn’t want to put a timeline on Green’s return. Instead, the NBA slapped him with an indefinite suspension, wherein, the defensive specialist could receive help and return as a changed player.


Draymond Green has been bashed by the media

For smacking Jusuf Nurkic in the face, Draymond Green was ejected after receiving a flagrant two-foul. Things went from bad to worse when the NBA announced that the former Michigan State Spartan was being suspended indefinitely, only the second person to ever receive such a punishment.

The indefinite suspension refers to when an NBA player has been suspended for an unknown amount of games. Only after the player completes a few ‘tasks’ will he be allowed to make his return and set foot on the hardwood.


The media’s reactions seem as though they will not be forgetting about Green’s actions anytime soon. On any given opportunity, the media has been attacking the 6ft 6” forward. Esteemed names from the media community such as and berated the 33-year-old.

“What’s bad for the sport is throwing out the best player in the world, when he is playing on the road for fans who are paying thousands of dollars. Nobody is paying for Draymond Green,” Termine said.

“It’s indefinite because he has to show the league that he’s learned from this, this is the fourth major incident,” Charania said.

Considering that he punched Jordan Poole last year, choked Rudy Gobert a couple of weeks back, and hit Nurkic, Green might need some sort of help… whether Shaq agrees or not.