Mariska Hargitay pays tribute to Law and Order SVU's Ice-T over major career achievement


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With over 500 episodes under his belt spanning over 23 years on , series stalwart Ice-T was finally recognised with a spot on the Walk of Fame this past week. Fans and friends alike flocked to the ceremony to honour the rapper-turned-actor and Hargitay was one who had plenty of fond words for her colleague.

“I am just so beyond, beyond, beyond thrilled to be here for my friend,” Hargitay said after being invited to speak on Thursday.

“So the Walk of Fame means so many things to so many people, it’s a place to visit, it’s a place to celebrate, a place to remember and of course, a place to take millions and millions of selfies.”


The Law and Order SVU star’s speech soon took a more personal turn as she paid tribute to Ice-T.

She said: “The reason that you have fame in my heart is because you are the OG of friendship.


She penned: “Congratulations @icet [star emoji] so proud to be by your side dear sweet wise and wonderful friend. #LoveIsLove.”

And Ice-T himself also took to the social media platform to reflect on the day.

In a snap of him, Hargitay and SVU boss Dick Wolf, he wrote: ”As my brother @icecube says.. ‘I gotta say, today was a good day..’


“Thank you Dick Wolf @wolfentertainment, @therealmariskahargitay And all the love Worldwide!”

During his own speech, Ice-T admitted he could never have foreseen landing himself a spot on the famous walkway.

He said: “I never thought I would get a star - really? I mean, the way my life was going, it was what can we come up in and steal?

“We were really out here causing real problems. And this was just out of the question.

“Show business was just out of the question,” he reflected before he too paid tribute to his co-stars and friends and family for their support over the years.