Joe Rogan Delivers for Spotify Yet Again as Controversial Podcaster’s $200M Contract Nears It’s End - EssentiallySports

has been a prominent face in the entertainment industry, predominantly due to his exclusive podcasts. Rogan has been a dominant force in the realm of UFC as well. Rogan’s podcasts have always been the top when it comes to providing entertainment and now it is a multi-million dollar phenomenon.

The emergence of a new industry, spurred by Rogan’s podcast, has firmly etched his name into the annals of history. ‘The JRE’ boasts a dedicated fanbase that faithfully tunes in to Rogan’s podcast on a daily basis. It comes as no surprise that Rogan consistently secures the top rank, and recent reports only serve to reaffirm his indisputable claim to this position.

Joe Rogan reigns supreme in the podcast rankings

Joe Rogan embarked on his podcast journey on a humble scale and with time it has transformed into a massive spectacle. The reason why people adore Rogan so much is specifically because of his unfiltered take on any and everything, be it controversial, or otherwise.

He invites influential people from diverse backgrounds to grace his podcast and offer their take and this is another reason for his continuous success. The constant delivery of content keeps Rogan relevant in the content game and keeps him ahead of his competitors.

It should come as no surprise that Rogan has recently secured the top spot on the charts once ͏again. The eminent podcaster continues to uphold his legacy by maintaining the leading position on the US Spotify podcastin͏g charts. Rogan’s top spot might have put Spotify in a tough position as the deal with Rogan is expiring soon enough.

Spotify is in the doldrums now

Rogan’s dominant performance and stance have put Spotify in a tough position as Rogan has the upper hand in the take now. The company made a massive $200 million deal with Rogan to stream his podcast exclusively on the app. The deal turned out to be a massive hit for the company but it is all ending now.

It will be difficult for Spotify to again set a massive deal with Rogan as the company is amid cost-cutting. However, if Spotify doesn’t make a deal sooner then Rogan will walk away from the company not only with a massive audience but also with prominent ad revenue. There’s a high likelihood that Spotify will make a deal with Rogan soon enough but nothing has been made official as of now.

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