13 Best Alcohol Pairings For Veggie Burgers

Choosing the right alcoholic beverage to pair with a veggie burger can be a daunting task. In this article, the author, a vegetarian with extensive experience in both eating veggie burgers and working in the service industry, provides expert recommendations for alcohol pairings. From classic veggie burgers with lagers to BBQ-style burgers with bourbon, the article explores a range of options such as tequila cocktails with Southwestern veggie burgers, pinot grigio with California-style burgers, and mezcal with black bean burgers. It also suggests pairings for mushroom Swiss burgers, Thai-style burgers, beet burgers, tempeh burgers, sweet potato burgers, and Impossible or Beyond burgers. The article offers insights into the flavors and profiles of various alcoholic beverages that complement the different veggie burger styles.