How To Properly Season Tofu Before You Roast It

Tofu is a popular protein choice for vegans and vegetarians due to its versatility in taking on different flavors. When roasting tofu, it is important to properly season and prepare it. This involves draining and pressing the tofu to remove moisture, then marinating it for enhanced flavor. It is also crucial to stir or flip the tofu while baking for even cooking. Bottled sauces can be used for convenience, such as barbecue, teriyaki, or a simple blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice vinegar. Dry seasonings like taco or Cajun blends can be used with a drizzle of oil for a saucy and flavorful result. Firm tofu is recommended for roasting as it has a sturdy texture and absorbs seasoning well. Adding cornstarch can create a contrast in texture.