The Absolute Best Beer To Pair With Ramen

Ramen is a delicious and versatile dish that can be enjoyed with various beverages. When pairing ramen with beer, it's important to consider the richness and spice level of the broth. Rich, fatty broths like tonkatsu or miso go well with a beer that can cut through the richness, like Sapporo Light. Lighter broths, such as shio or shoyu, can be paired with a wider variety of beers, like malty amber ales or fruity pale ales. Spicy broths can be balanced with slightly sweeter beers, while wheat beers and sour beers can add unique flavor contrasts. Don't forget to consider the toppings on the ramen as well. If in doubt, ask for recommendations from the chef or bartender to find the perfect beer to enhance your ramen experience. Cheers!