Joe Rogan Faces Heat for Commenting on Jessica Andrade’s Divorce After She Won at UFC 295 – “Bonus Tonight to Pay Off Those Divorce Bills”

Most fans may have witnessed UFC fighters celebrating their victories with their near and dear ones inside the octagon. But there are several UFC fighters whose personal relationships have taken untoward turns despite starting as happy ones. The famed former UFC strawweight champ, , stands as an example of such unruly cases.

A lot of fans may know that Andrade recently completed the process of her divorce, which is a quite costly one. But most of us won’t like it much if someone decides to go public about our personal struggles. Well, that is exactly what the noted UFC color commentator did, during UFC 295. Let’s have a detailed look at the entire incident.

The overtly personal comments that Joe Rogan made about Jessica Andrade

Joe Rogan has a habit of diving deep into the personal side of the ones he talks with. He does it mostly in the episodes of his coveted podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. But during his UFC in-octagon interviews, the 56-year-old appears with a much more calculated and composed persona. He mostly limits his questions to the UFC and fight-related issues of the interviewees.

But, the famous comedian chose to break character during his UFC 295 in-octagon interview with the former UFC strawweight champ, Andrade. Prior to this, ‘Bate Estaca’ earned an awesome victory via KO over her Mackenzie Dern om their UFC 295 main card bout. Andarde’s superb performance pleased Rogan, as the 56-year-old made a wish for her. Rogan ended his interview with Andrade, wishing, Well, hopefully, you get a bonus tonight to pay off those divorce bills.”

Rogan never made any evil wish for Andrade. Still, the comments section of an Instagram post that highlighted this moment made it apparent that the majority of fans didn’t take his words too well. A few such comments read:

“Joe had zero decorum in this moment”


“No violation from Joe”

However, one fan pointed out a fact that many may have completely missed out on the Andrade vs Dern fight. His comment read, Aren’t both Jessica and Mackenzie divorced from each others partners?”. Do you know the answer to his question?

Mackenzie Dern’s split-up story may be more popular than Jessica Andrade’s one

Well, the fan was exactly correct regarding his comment. It hasn’t been much time since both Dern and Andrade went through their divorces. But a few comments from the fans made it apparent that they had better knowledge about . They read:

“Wasn’t it Dern who was going through the divorce”

“I thought Dern was the one going through divorce bills”

Reports also state that Dern may have completed the process of her divorce a little before Andrade. But that doesn’t change the fact that these two are pretty much on the same boat when it comes to personal relationships. But whose back did you have while they were inside the octagon?

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