Real Reason Behind Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier’s Alleged Biasness Towards Certain Fighters Revealed in a Confession by Ex-UFC Champ

has become an iconic fixture in the world of the UFC. The former ‘Fear Factor’ host and ‘News Radio’ star first joined the UFC as an interviewer in 1997. He later became a color commentator in the promotion at UFC 37.5 in 2002 which was his first appearance in his now iconic role. His partner in the booth at the time was the legendary, Mike Goldberg.

However, Rogan and other commentators have regularly come under fire for their perceived biases when calling fights. And with the UFC now adding former fighters to the booth, it creates an awkward position where the commentators share personal relationships with the athletes inside the cage. As such, former UFC ‘champ-champ’ has now spoken out against the allegations of ‘biases’ during commentary. And his comments reveal an honest take on the controversial issue!

Joe Rogan and the commentary team’s situation explained by Daniel Cormier

The UFC broadcast team currently hosts a mix of members that include past and present fighters. This leads to a more in-depth experience for the fans but has also led to allegations of commentators holding biases for their friends or teammates. 

Daniel Cormier, who is also a part of the broadcast team, In an interview with MMA Fighting, Cormier acknowledges the increased scrutiny when friends or teammates are involved, emphasizing the importance of drowning out critics and focusing on the job.

In fact, he stated that before the inclusion of fighters in the booth, who shared personal relationships with the athletes. He stated,

In the current era, Cormier highlights that the entire commentary team, including himself, Jon Anik, , Michael Bisping, and Dominick Cruz, shares personal connections with the fighters. He stated,

This, according to Cormier, adds a unique and different dynamic to UFC broadcasts. And it provides insights and perspectives that earlier broadcast setups, with just Joe Rogan as the expert, didn’t have as much.

However, ahead of UFC 296, Cormier has also shared concerns about a fighter on the card. And it seems like the former ‘champ-champ’ is worried about his training methods ahead of the bout!

Cormier is concerned about ‘El Cucuy’

n, amidst a six-fight losing streak, seeks assistance from David Goggins for his upcoming UFC 296 bout against . The former ‘Boogeyman’ of the lightweight division has been struggling to regain his winning form. 

And in a recent episode of the ‘DC & RC’ show, Cormier, acknowledging Ferguson’s work ethic, doubts Goggins’ impact, emphasizing that cardio isn’t the root issue. He stated, .”

Cormier suggests Ferguson faces challenges beyond physical preparation. Indicating that mental strength alone may not address the broader reasons for his recent losses in the octagon.

In conclusion, Cormier’s comments about the commentators sharing personal bonds with the athletes underscores the unique dynamic of UFC broadcasts. The presence of Joe Rogan and fighters And his comments about Tony Ferguson and his training ahead of UFC 296 highlight his concern for the legendary fighter.

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