True Blood: Jessica's Final Thoughts - The End of an Era on her HBO Blog.


In a recent blog post on HBO's True Blood website, the series' beloved character Jessica Hamby reflects on the possibility of her death, leading fans to wonder if this is her final goodbye. Written in the form of an emotional farewell letter, the blog post explores Jessica's fear and acceptance of her mortality.

The article begins with Jessica acknowledging that death is an inevitable part of being a vampire, and she ponders how she might meet her end. She muses that some vampires die in malicious circumstances, while others simply choose to end their own existence. Jessica also contemplates the possibility of a violent demise at the hands of vampire-hating humans or supernatural creatures.


However, despite her apprehensions about death, Jessica expresses gratitude for the experiences she has had as a vampire. She reflects on her relationships and the love she has felt, acknowledging that even in death, those memories will always be with her.

Jessica closes her blog post by addressing her readers directly, urging them to cherish every moment and to make the most of their time on Earth. She encourages her fans to embrace their loved ones and to seize the opportunities that come their way. By sharing her perspective on mortality, Jessica reminds us all of the preciousness of life.

While it remains uncertain whether this blog post truly marks Jessica's final words, it undoubtedly serves as a poignant reflection on life, love, and the inevitability of death.